Things to know about visiting the Preserve


Q.  may i bring my dog?

A.  In 2011 the Morgenthau Preserve Committee voted was able to ban all dogs in the preserve as a result of the Town of Pound Ridge’s stricter leash laws. We found the dogs were chasing the wildlife and impacting the undergrowth on the floor of the preserve. This, in turn, was disrupting the preserve’s ecosystems. In 2011, we also made a commitment to fight invasive plant species in the preserve and dogs are very efficient at spreading invasive seeds and bacteria.


Q.  may i fish and then cook the fish and spend the night?

A.  There is no camping, fishing, foraging, collecting of samples, skating, hunting, swimming, boating or cooking at the preserve.


Q. may i ride my dirt bike?

A.  No.


Q.  may i water ski?

A.  There is no boat access from the preserve to Blue Heron Lake. The lake is a privately owned by the residents living on the lake. If you trespass, you will be asked to leave.


Q.  who can i contact to volunteer at the preserve?

A.  Please email us at and thank you!